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Thermostat suitable for 2kw, 2.2kw, 4kw, 5kw Diesel Air Heaters


These thermostats will plug straight into the following diesel air heaters, Belief 2kw, Belief 5kw,  planer 2kw, Planer 5kw, Tuite 2.2kw, Tuite 4kw, Ebersparcher 2.2kw, Dometic 2.2kw

These thermostats are a simple to operate digital thermostat, to switch on simply push the heat control button twice (button with wavy lines) and adjust the required temp with middle up and down buttons, you can also run this thermostat in a mode setting by pushing both temp up and down buttons together you can run heater in mode 1 to 7. Running heater in a temperature setting is much better than in mode setting  for makes heater run at full speed until required temp is met then slows heater down, running at full speed allows the heater to burn the combustion chamber out so will not carbon up


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