4Kw Tuite Diesel Air Heater Kit For Caravan


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This diesel heater is suitable for up to a 28ft caravan & is also suitable for pop top caravans with canvas walls including  & camping trailers.  Please do not oversize your heater for you could have ongoing trouble with your heater continually purging,  if you are having any problem with sizing please phone us for recommendations.

The TUITE heater comes with 2 Year warranty, we have sold these heaters for more than 7 years and have found them to be excellent quality

Extremely cheap to run with .17L/h fuel usage which equates to less than $2 a day. Comes with own inline fuel pump, so can be connected to existing diesel tank on vehicle or separate fuel tank which are also for sale.

Installation is straight forward

Comes With The Following-

  • 4Kw TUITE Diesel Heater
  • 2 Lengths Of 75mm Ducting For Both Air Inlet & Outlet, approx 1 meter long
  • 2 x 75mm Vents 1 straight for the inlet Duct and 1 adjustable for the outlet
  • Base mounting plate- size 200mm x 200mm
  • Comes with a manual thermostat you can change to a digital thermostat for the same cost
  • All Hose clamps, inline fuel filter, fuel pump clamps, fuel T section
  • In Line pulse fuel pump
  • Plug in wiring harness
  • Fuel line
  • Air intake line 800mm
  • Exhaust line 800mm
  • Exhaust Silencer
  • Air Intake Filter
  • Plastic Clear Fuel Tank ( Should be mounted in enclosure which we have available) or can change to steel fuel tank


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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 40 cm


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