Stand Alone Boat Diesel Hot Water Unit For Large Motor Homes Boats & RVs


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Less Than Half The Running Cost Of Gas

You Do not a Licence To Install

The Shilla  Diesel Hot Water unit will provide years of trouble free hot water for your Boat or RV.

This hot water unit comes with a stainless steel tank unlike other Boat  hot water units on the market that have a steel tank that will rust over time.

The running cost when operating this hot water heater on diesel compared to gas is less than half the price of the cost & the heating time of the 22 liter tank is 3/4 of the time compared to gas

The installation of this diesel hot water unit is straight forward and there is no need to have a gas or plumbing licence to install.

Unlike other diesel hot water units on the market the Shilla hot water unit does not have a water pump that continually runs, pumping hot water heated by the diesel furnace, through coiled pipes in a holding tank thus heating the water, the Shilla hot water unit heats the water directly from the diesel furnace and does not require a water pump so is much more reliable, much cheaper to run & heats the water twice as fast as other diesel hot water units on the market


This diesel hot water unit works on diesel only we have combination electric/diesel hot water units also available, simply turn the switch on and in approximately 20 minutes later you will have all the hot water you need



  • Fuel Usage-                           Approx 140mL per Hr
  • Cost To Run-                        At 40hrs average running time will cost approx $8 a week
  • Time to heat water              Approx 22 Minutes
  • Power Consumption          1.2 amps to 2.2 amps
  • Dimensions

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Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm


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